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CNG Supply Chain Technology

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CNG Delivery can be your full-service CNG Supply Chain solution provider. We can help with finding solutions covering all aspects of CNG supply chain to locations where the pipeline does not provide gas service. We offer our customers a unique solution to meet their needs in the most cost-effective way possible using both stationary and mobile base CNG technologies. We have unique technologies focusing on bringing the pipeline to our customers and supplying them with clean, safe and economic natural gas while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Filling Terminal

The CNG filling terminal should refuel a number of semi-trailers from the pipeline or directly from the well. We have solutions for both high pressure output and low pressure (ANG) solutions where the compressors’ capacity can be minimal. In some cases the terminal can be constructed without compressors at all. However, when connected to a distribution line (300-1200 psi) many of the filling stations used require smaller, cheaper and more reliable compressors. In addition to compressors, many of the filling stations, depending on their location in natural gas supply chain, may include gas treatment equipment (to be used before compression/filling), metering and control equipment, odorizers (optional), quick connectors to trailers and other parts. .

  • Cost Covered By CNG Delivery 100% 100%
  • Operation By CNG Delivery 100% 100%
  • Maintenance By CNG Delivery 100% 100%

CNG Delivery Trailers

High pressure (up to 3600 psi) and low-pressure gas transporting semi-trailers are the central element of the CNG supply chain system. Based on our experience in gas bulk transportation products – we optimized our product to provide the lowest capital investment per transported gas quantity unit. Our high pressure semi-trailer capacity and total operation cost are close to that of the most advanced for CNG 40 foot long trailers. The total costs of the low-pressure supply chain are even lower than in many high pressure CNG projects. The main semi-trailer specifications:

  • Capacity: Up to 360 MSCF
  • Operating pressure – Up to 3600 psi
  • Dimensions: up to 40 foot long
  • Type II, III, IV configurations available
  • For large distribution projects the semi-trailers may be customized.
  • Cost Covered By CNG Delivery 100% 100%
  • Operation By CNG Delivery Or 3rd Party Partner 100% 100%
  • Maintenance By CNG Delivery or 3rd Party Partner 100% 100%

Gas Reception Facilities

An gas receptial gas receiving facility includes Pressure Reducing and Metering (PRS) unit with dual-function:

  • Pressure reducing – since our typical industrial/commercial consumer uses the gas at a pressure of under 40 psi only
  • Gas flow metering – for logistics and billing purposes

The main components of this facility are:

  • A Pressure Reducing and Metering System (PRS) box which reduces the pressure from CNG Delivery trailer tanks storage
  • High capacity quick connection devices
  • A low-pressure pipe connection between PRS and furnace/other equipment
  • Cost Covered By CNG Delivery 100% 100%
  • Operation By CNG Delivery 90% 90%
  • Maintenance By CNG Delivery 90% 90%

Quick Delivery

We offer the fastest way to implement Natural Gas in your operations with timely CNG delivery to your site. Fast implementation and scalability will provide your operation with significant savings right away.


We use the most innovative technologies and state of the art CNG compression/ discharge equipment to create the most efficient CNG mobile fueling solutions ever. When it comes to CNG, we do more with less!

Advanced Monitoring

Real time monitoring addresses our and your company’s operational business intelligence needs. gathers real-time and historical information, identifies patterns of interest, and helps to prevent potential problems

Clear Communication

CNG Delivery has an open line of communication to offers professional expertise in R&D, engineering, technical services, operations, and training when it comes to implementation of natural gas.

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