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Flare Gas Capture and Mitigation

Gas capturing transportation and monetization
flare gas capture

If You’re Flaring, You Should Be Recovering!

Gas flaring is a major economic and environmental loss that releases toxic components and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which can have harmful effects on the health and well-being of local communities and contribute to climate change. Many agencies and authorities having jurisdictions has put in place a set of regulations, restrictions and resulting harsh penalties and fines for those who decide to continue to flare at high levels.

Though the environmental problems created as a direct result of flaring are significant, even more staggering are the amount of economic opportunities lost from flaring the wasted gas. In 2020, the World Bank estimated 5.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are flared or vented annually, the highest in a decade. The approximate cost of flared natural gas is over $30B. It is equivalent to 25% of the United States’ yearly gas consumption. More than 400 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent are emitted into the atmosphere annually.

Solving this hurdle requires an economically feasible and profitable solution that is attractive to established oil & gas companies. Our solutions offer capturing and monetization of associated gas that would normally be flared, transforming it into useful energy or product.

The majority of flaring occurs at either aging and/or remote installations typically located within 10 miles of existing pipelines. Bringing associated gas to customers via a connection to an existing gas network, or directly to any site if possible, is clearly a preferable way to avoid flaring.

CNG Delivery offers a flexible structure for flare gas capture, processing, and compression, providing customers a reliable supply of clean, cost-effective natural gas to help support Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) best practices and waste minimization.

mobile pipeline
mobile pipeline

Flare Gas Capture

Our comprehensive approach includes assistance with gas capture, processing, compression and a tranportation to a nearby customer to use the gas as:

Power Generation
Dual-fuel and Electric Hydraulic Fracturing
Green Crypto Mining Using Flare Gas
• Fleet Fueling Consumption
• Insertion into pipeline or wells for oil recovery

CNG Delivery can also help to transport flare gas to a centrizized location for the biological processing to mitigate the flaring of natural gas, utilizing aerobic methanotrophs to produce animal feed. The bacterial meal is nutritionally adequate to replace significant percentages of specific animals’ dietary protein and provides important environmental benefits with regards to carbon emission and feed replacement.

Mobile Midstream

By combining capture, compression, transport, monetization, we were able to help our customers to create a midstream gas company infrastructure. This allowed for an economically feasible business operation to combat natural gas flaring.

If the gas is utilized rather than flaring, the environmental and health effects are mitigated. In addition, the use of flare gas reduces our dependence on gasoline for transport. The project can also contribute to the long-term job creation in the community, potentially contributing to the urbanization of the area as well. An added benefit may come in the form of tax credits, due to increased regulation on flaring. Overall, the environmental and economic benefits of ,many flare gas capture projects   make them attractive investment opportunity.


Typical Sour Flare Gas Monetization Process

  • GAS SUPPLY – Flare Gas Well(s)
  • SEPARATION – Heaters & Scrubbers (2 and 3 Phase Separator)
  • ACID GAS REMOVAL- H2S & CO2 / Amine treating / Chemical Injection
  • GAS DEHYRDRATION Glycol unit / PSA unit
  • MERCURY REMOVAL – Mol sieve / Activated Carbon
  • NGL RECOVERY- Absorption / Turboexpander
  • VIRTUAL PIPELINE – CNG Tube Trailers
  • NATURAL GAS USER/ Natural gas vehicles, Dual fuel engines, Power Generation

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