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Power Generation

Onsite temporary power generation from gas

Temporary Power Generation

Temporary Power Generation

Temporary Power Generation

The entire planet runs on energy and sometimes Temporary Power Generation is the only way to get it. We need it to heat our homes, cook our meals, and run hospitals, airports, and manufacturing plants. Based on the US Energy outlook the demand for gas used in power generation will continue to grow. In addition to high energy costs, traditional energy generation has a harmful impact on the environment, the land, and our health. This is where alternative sources of energy like truck-delivered natural gas or renewable natural gas for Temporary Power Generation can make things better for everyone. 

The rise in environmental concerns regarding the high amount of carbon emissions from coal-based or diesel-powered power generation has resulted in making natural gas-fired power generation a cleaner option for baseload power generation. Furthermore, supporting regulations and policies for power generation using natural gas is the main factor driving the market in some of the major countries around the world. Some of the major countries around the world are planning to make natural gas the major power generation source by replacing coal with it. Natural gas production has been on the rise in the U.S. owing to technological advancement for the extraction of natural gas from shale gas reserves. Some of the generators supported by CNG Delivery can use naturally supplied fuel that would normally flare, cutting fuel costs substantially with incredible savings compare to diesel consumption.

Onsite Power Generation

Sometimes businesses require temporary power generation without immediate access to established utility electric and/or gas supply lines. We can help to flow gas until the power or gas line becomes available due to the project delay or due to the interruptions associated with weather impact. Historically, diesel and propane have been the common fuels used in off-grid, remote power generation. But there are many advantages to using natural gas for power generation to remote locations over diesel and propane. 

Supported by delivered CNG, gas generators offer a reliable alternative to utility power in areas where natural disasters are prevalent or where the aging grid threatens the power supply. Whether generating behind-the-meter power for a single building or powering a microgrid for a major complex, our paralleling capabilities allow for a scalable and resilient power solution.

How can CNG Delivery help with Temporary Power Generation ?

Temporary Power Generation systems are more complicated than fuel conversion for the customer – and that’s where we can help.

We will set up entire project making it very easy for you to start/continue to generate electricity onsite by working closely with you and other providers to ensure all of the below activities are properly covered:

  • System Design and Costing
  • Equipment procurement, installation, commissioning
  • CNG Delivery management
  • Electrical sales and load balancing
  • On-going site operations and maintenance
  • Comprehensive equipment leasing and purchase options.

Why use CNG Delivery for power generation?

  • We deliver mobile-based CNG to utilities and power plants during peak demand, keeping the heat and power on for homes and businesses.
  • We offer low-cost natural gas to reduce energy expenses for power generation at remote locations or for temporary projects
  • We understand that operational uptime is crucial to your business. Our support team works 24/7 to ensure our equipment is safe and reliable.
  • We deliver mobile-based CNG to utilities and power plants during peak demand, keeping the heat and power on for homes and businesse

Quick Delivery

We offer the fastest way to implement Natural Gas in your operations with timely CNG delivery to your site. Fast implementation and scalability will provide your operation with significant savings right away.


We use the most innovative technologies and state of the art CNG compression/ discharge equipment to create the most efficient CNG mobile fueling solutions ever. When it comes to CNG, we do more with less!

Advanced Monitoring

Real time monitoring addresses our and your company’s operational business intelligence needs. gathers real-time and historical information, identifies patterns of interest, and helps to prevent potential problems

Clear Communication

CNG Delivery has an open line of communication to offers professional expertise in R&D, engineering, technical services, operations, and training when it comes to implementation of natural gas.

20% Savings On Your Energy Cost Guaranteed

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