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Dual-fuel Engines For Oil and Gas

Switching to Natural Gas or Dual Fuel Engines for Your Operations
dual-fuel engines

Dual-fuel Engines

In today’s rapidly changing business and social environment, the oil and gas industry must adapt to a new reality for hydraulic fracturing operations. The push for producer/operators and service companies to adopt greener oilfield operations has intensified significantly promoting  ESG momentum and financial motivators to stimulate greener e-frac or dual-fuel engines operation.  Many of the largest investment funds are increasingly and staunchly focused on environmental conservation, and they will invest only in like-minded companies. This base of investors expects oilfield players to accomplish environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress at a much quicker pace, which places a greater impetus on reducing emissions, fuel consumption, and overall carbon footprint.

As world sentiment regarding fossil fuel usage shifts, ESG requirements and expectations are evolving quickly. Focused on moving to natural-gas-driven field equipment, CNG Delivery works to enhance alignment with customers and the community at large, providing them with comprehensive solutions in converting their fleet to dual-fuel operations.

On top of the environmental benefits of using much cleaner natural gas vs diesel, dual-fuel engines fleet had the potential to help significantly reduce the cost of its operations. The dual-fuel engines solution not only reduces producers’ diesel consumption, but it also offers a more cost-effective use of their readily available natural-gas reserves. Compared to piping natural gas to a collection point and selling it at a low margin, or flaring the gas in locations lacking an economically feasible transport option, using reservoir gas to supplement a frac fleet’s fuel supply can potentially provide significant cost benefits
mobile pipeline
mobile pipeline

Dual-fuel Engines

Typically expected at 50% plus substitution rate the amount of diesel that can be replaced by natural gas varies, depending on a combination of several factors. These factors include the overall build quality and EPA emissions rating of the engine, the efficiency of the dual-fuel intake system, the ratios of methane and other components in the natural-gas supply, the pressure of the natural gas being introduced into the fuel mix, and the load under which the engine is operating. Additionally, the technical competency of the on-site personnel, including fuel-management expertise, plays an important role in reducing diesel combustion.

Dual-fuel Engine Options overview for:

Cummins Engines
Wartsil Engines
MAN Engines
CAT Engines
3512C Dynamic Gas Blending
Halliburton System

Dual-Fuel Conversions

Technologies for Cummings, CAT, MTU and other engines to run partially on pipeline quality natural gas. In some cases the conversion cost can be incorporated into CNG delivery contract with no upfront cost to the customer. Many fleets converting to dual fuel natural gas systems because the upgraded system offers:

• No loss of power or torque; no practical limit on horsepower

• Designed for drilling, high-pressure fracturing and pumping applications

• Significant reduction of fueling cost and pollution.

• Easy startup with high uptime and mobility

• No modification to base diesel engine – return to 100% diesel at anytime

• No high-temp parts or specialized maintenance

• Reduce emissions and meet corporate sustainability goals and objectives (ESG)


Why use CNG Delivery for dual-fuel engines program?

  • We can provide technical support with helping identify and implement best suited for your application dual-fuel engine upgrades.
  • We work with several technology providers and assist with ensuring the system connectivity and operation is top notch.
  • We offer mobile low-cost natural gas delivery tailored for your dual-fuel system requirement, controlling delivery flow rate, pressure and temperature.
  • We understand that operational uptime is crucial to your business. Our support team works 24/7 to ensure our equipment is safe and reliable.
  • We monitor and report to you your fuel usage and carbon footprint reduction

Quick Delivery

We offer the fastest way to implement Natural Gas in your operations with timely CNG delivery to your site. Fast implementation and scalability will provide your operation with significant savings right away.


We use the most innovative technologies and state of the art CNG compression/ discharge equipment to create the most efficient CNG mobile fueling solutions ever. When it comes to CNG, we do more with less!

Advanced Monitoring

Real time monitoring addresses our and your company’s operational business intelligence needs. gathers real-time and historical information, identifies patterns of interest, and helps to prevent potential problems

Clear Communication

CNG Delivery has an open line of communication to offers professional expertise in R&D, engineering, technical services, operations, and training when it comes to implementation of natural gas.

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