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CNG Delivery Financing

Financing Options

CNG Delivery Financing Options

At CNG Delivery we eager to help you all the way. It is important to seek assistance from a lender who is experienced in funding CNG delivery operations, understands the specifics of this industry segment business and has a strong track record of successfully guiding government and commercial entities towards their financial objectives.

We have financing partners to assist you through the entire process: from researching options and the application process to ongoing budget and payment planning.

CNG Delivery financing options come from a small network of lenders that are seasoned in financing CNG delivery commitment and equipment and can develop the right loan package for you. Whether you are looking to sign for CNG delivery services, needed retrofit equipment finance, or construct a new site, we can assist you with finding financing that meets your needs. Based on your financial strength, project capital requirements, geographical location, and etc, CNG delivery can refer you to one of our financial partners ranging from small local privately owned bank to large worldwide recognized financial institution. CNG delivery financing and CNG equipment leasing offers attractive options for customers who want to realize fast returns on their investment when switching to CNG use. By focusing on utilizing delivered CNG and finding a partner to finance or invest in CNG delivery set up to serve your business operation you minimize your financial exposure and spread the risk. You can start saving on fuel costs right away, to create the beneficial financial returns that come with using CNG fuel.

Delivery Price Components:

Delivery bulk pricing is based on the commodity gas pricing, plus our delivery fee.

  • Gas is priced on a published index cost based on the pipeline.
  • Customers can have multiple options in procuring gas from locking in 100% of its commodity costs to floating and purchasing on a daily basis or any combination.
  • Delivery fees include a fixed monthly equipment lease, which covers on-site equipment and maintenance during the contract term, plus a metered volume charge based on how much gas a customer uses (the more gas used, the lower the average cost to the customer).

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